Maximise available trailer space and accommodate differing return loads.
FreightRack enables best use of your trailer space
FreightRack is modular in design Two standard sizes are available in the swing module to make maximum use of trailer space.
Up to five modules can be placed on a trailer
FreightRack's unique swing action makes your trailer very versatile
A return load can be completely different, This load has four modules fitted giving full trailer width at the rear
If your loads are regular, Fixed rack modules can double or even treble pallet loading and can be combined with swing racks

The swivel rack pictured is from the Freight Rack range and is fitted with a timber deck option. The rack is designed to double the capacity of goods, palletised or otherwise, on a vehicle trailer. Dimensions (to take 6 pallets) 3000mm x 2400mm x 1500mm high. Capacity six x 300 Kg pallets. on the top deck.

Modular racking systems for palletised and non-palletised goods.

A modular racking system that can swivel to accommodate for palletised and non-palletised goods on the same trailer deck. The modular design of freightrack allows for partial or full trailer deck cover. All swivel racks can be used as stand alone or in conjunction with fixed rack modules.

Unique design

Each modular rack is secured to the trailer using fitted anchor rings and lorry straps, An instant second deck is achieved that can run the full length of a 13.5 metre trailer using a combination of two and three metre wide standard modules to double pallet space. The modular design of freightrack allows for partial coverage of the trailer space if preferred to suit your differing loads.

Shelf capacity

Each pallet space is load tested and certificated to 300Kg per pallet on our standard design. This can be up-graded to a heavier 500Kg per pallet if required at point of manufacture. This enables a total load of 24 Tonne to be carried, split equally on both levels.


FreightRacks are supplied with standard pallet racking type support struts, Ideal for pallets. Optional plywood or aluminium Durbar plate can be supplied to order in addition to the support struts.

System advantage

Double Capacity - Minimal loss of space for different loads on back-haul. Cheaper than purchasing a double decker. Can be removed and stored when not required. Can be re-used indefinitely.

Modular in design

Use one, two, three, four or five modules to gain maximum load space. Being modular in design a mixture of fixed and swivel racks can be used to maximise trailer loadspace.


The haulier takes 52 pallets from London to Newcastle but then receives a back haul of containers two metres high. The driver simply removes the locking pins from the columns on the racks and swivels the top deck through 90 degrees to give full height capability either side of the centre line of the truck.