Freight Rack. modular pallet racking systems. 


FreightRack® was formed as a subsidiary to our core business of Factory Machine Re-locations and associated services - Fabrication of steelwork being one of them.

On a recent contract, we were required to move 150 pallets of goods from the North of England to the South. As this was short notice and there were no double deckers' available 6 vehicles were required. Each pallet contained crushable goods and could not be stacked. 

As they were only 800mm high a large amount of space was wasted.

Taking this into account the extra costs, labour fuel etc it was suggested to the haulier that a racking system would have halved the number of trips. He agreed but informed us that there was no such system on the market and double deckers were in short supply.

The result is we had to use six loads. 

We have designed and manufactured several racking systems specific to our customers requirements over the years. Our bespoke racking systems have included large heavy duty racks for car bodies and stainless steel Clean Room Environment racks.

With the knowledge and manufacturing expertise gained developing racking systems, we set about designing a system for use on trailers.

The result is a fully UK designed, manufactured, load tested and patented racking system that we are confident will have massive commercial and social benefits for the Logistics Industry.